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We have a diverse range of people with a variety of experience who area serving on the committee. If you need to contact an individual please use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

PresidentBarrie Tippett
ChairmanChris Instance
Club AdministratorJenny Prime
TreasurerHelen Green
Assistant TreasurerMaria Smith
Men’s Section AdministratorDavid Prime
Ladies Section AdministratorJenny Prime
Club CaptainTerry Mankee
Club Vice-CaptainJudith Mankee
Bar RepresentativePaul Bearham
Tournament RepresentativeColin Smith
Green RepresentativeDavid Prime
Kitchen RepresentativeDennis Butler
Club CompetitionsBarry Dunstan

Ladies Section Committee

Ladies CaptainGill Instance
Ladies Vice-CaptainSuzy Collings
Ladies SelectorDot Dunstan
Ladies SelectorMaria Smith
Ladies SelectorJenny Prime

Men’s Team Captains

A TeamMike Tippett
B TeamDavid Prime
C Team S Grigg
D TeamBill Green
Mining League ADennis Butler
Mining League BTerry Mankee
Mining League CBill Green

Mixed Team Captains

StrollersM Chapman
Mixed 2 Wood TriplesTerry & Judith Mankee

Please fill in the contact form to contact a member of the committee.