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Since the formation of Chacewater Bowling Club in 1925, it has been at the forefront of Bowls in Cornwall. the club has around 100 members from all age groups. When it formed it was a small 3 rink club where the children’s play area now resides. In 19XX the 4th rink was added.

In 1990 the club moved across the road onto the new site, which was then the dilapidated old tennis courts. The site was modernised and a “temporary” clubhouse was opened in 1990.

In 2015 the “temporary” clubhouse was replaced with a new timber framed more carbon friendly building.

The eco features that it has incorporated is: Air Source Heat pump, underfloor heating, solar PV panels, increased insulation, water usage reduction technology and A rated Windows and doors. The club is committed to reducing its carbon footprint.